Sunday, December 20, 2009

the bogs.

A LOT OF THE TIME, people in Ireland are harder to understand than people in Argentina.

Customs control guy: "Whyyyre here?"
Me: "What?"
Customs control guy: "Why are you here, in Ireland?"
Me: "Oh, vacation."
Customs control guy: "Wo'ee gon with?"
Me: "....what?"
Customs control guy: "WHO ARE YOU GOING WITH?"
Me: "Oh, that girl over there."
Customs control guy: "somethingaboutchristmasandwhydoiwanttospendchristmasinireland?"
Me: "What?"
Customs: *throws passport back at me through window* "Go through, please."

I LOVE it here. People are so fucking nice. Colleen and I went out to a bunch of pubs last night, danced to Irish music, drank lots and lots of Guinness, fell asleep watching a movie somewhere, woke up at 4 a.m. and had to find our way home. Luckily, people here are soooooooo nice and everyone we asked for directions (approximately five or six people) helped us out (except one girl that ran away from us, scared). Galway is also really walkable and easy to get around. Dublin was nice but I think I like Galway better.

We go back to Dublin Christmas Eve to make a nice holiday dinner for ourselves in this neat little hostel we found, then maybe a nice Christmas breakfast as well. I'm partly bummed I won't be with my family for Christmas, but I think it'll be a great one with Colleen anyway.

One highlight of last night- walking into a pub, hardly saying anything, and a group of three guys asking us "Are you Americans!?"

p.s. the farm was absolutely incredible and had some of the most amazing mountain views I've ever seen. Every meal we ate was ENTIRELY from the garden, with exceptions like salt and sugar. I think that'll be a longer entry some other day.

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