Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Doin' it, movin' it, RAMPANT CONSUMERISM

Okay. So I've made a somewhat extensive list of things I'll need to buy and do before leaving for Argentina. I leave on August 6. I go home for about a week and a half on July 27 to get organized, breathe, etc.

Things to buy:
  • A watch! I don't know why I don't have one of these already
  • A present for my host famiy... The guide that our school gave us says this is customary, and might be something representing our hometown... or, also, "things like peanut butter are also well-received." Does this mean I'm doing to a place without peanut butter? We may have a problem here.
  • Webcam/microphone for Skype! Also, learn how to use Skype.
  • Adapters for South American outlets....actually, I think we have spares of these at home so I probably won't have to buy them
  • International Student Identity Card! I just have to pick it up at the University of Chicago
  • Ipod battery? Hmmm... my iPod died awhile ago and I think it needs a new battery, but I'm trying to figure out how to fix it without paying much It seems like it'd be a good thing to get working for a 14 hour flight or however long it is...
  • Hikin' shoes!
  • Good boots
  • New toothbrush. Mine is currently disgusting.
  • Things like underwear and bras and jeans... I don't have many of these things but I think it'd be better to stock up a bit rather than needing to do constant laundry.
  • Toiletries. Shampoo, etc.
  • Alarm clock with a looong-lasting battery because host families don't usually like it when their student guests suck up energy
  • BIRTH CONTROL! I sometimes hate the health care system... lately it has been VERY difficult -VERY - for me to get my god damned birth control. I'm usually a tolerant person, but with things like medication, prescriptions, etc... ugh.
Things to get that aren't necessarily purchases...
  • Haircut! Good god, a haircut
  • VISA! VISA VISA VISA. Actually, I don't need this for Argentina, but will for Spain, so I need to drop off the processing stuff on July 30. I have an appointment with the consulate that day... which makes me feel rather nifty.
  • Maybe try to find some kind of purse that incorporates a zipper... all this thievery talk has got me more cautious than usual
  • Copies of ALL IMPORTANT THINGS... passport, social security card, ID, license... etc.
I might try to get a new camera but that might be too much money. Mine is alright, but I've noticed the photo quality is kinda shit and the battery doesn't last long. I could definitely live without a new one, but it'd be nice. We'll see what the money situation looks like once I get my final paycheck and am actually buying all my shit.

I should also practice my Spanish. Also, they use the "vos" form there... so, that's somethin!

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