Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maggot Brain.

It just dawned on me that, somewhere in Buenos Aires, there is a family that knows I'm going to be living with them. Some family that is waiting for "Annie, exchange student from Chicago-land suburbs, student of Knox College."

So bizarre...

Sometimes when I'm reading over the packets of information that the program director gave us, I have mini panic attacks. I'm sure this is fairly common and is happening to many of us right now. Right?

I have to go figure out how to make Skype work.

Also, I was installing a new camera system on my computer the other day, and one of the "sample photos" included is one of this gorrrgeous waterfall. It doesn't even look real.

And then I realized the label for the photo is "iguazu.jpg." I GET TO GO HERE! Part of the study abroad program is going to Iguazu and hiking around and zip-lining and stuff.

Here, this is the photo:


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