Sunday, August 23, 2009

Can you get to that?

Fun and frustration - these two things both fill my days here.


Today, Katie and I walked down the big street market in San Telmo. Again, our neighborhood is very touristy, so there are lots of visitors walking around, but it's still great to see people who live here and what they sell and what they make and the music they play.

But the best part? The REALLY FUN part?
After walking through the whole (huge) market, Katie and I were getting some coffee around 6p.m. and heard a lot of drum music outside. We pay and walk out into this huge crowd of people dancing around a group called Radio Roots, I think. A few guitars, trumpet, trombone, drums, wooden boxes for hitting. It was impossible not to dance. Good, good people.

We thought it was over when they ended, but they pointed down the street, where we heard another band playing. So, we walked down, and there was a drumline of at LEAST twenty people. Again, amazing. This happened a few more times with a few more bands for a few more hours. God, I love it. Our neighborhood is so great because it's less busy than areas like Palermo, but awesome shit like that happens.


Getting honked at and yelled at by EVERY FUCKING moped/motorcycle/taxi/BUS/car that passes you just because you're a lady? What the fuck. Honestly, I didn't think it'd bother me that much, but it REALLY does. Got into a heated argument at some restaurant with some folks about why I think this society is a bit mysoginistic and I told them that any place where a woman feels like she's unsafe walking around is mysoginistic. It's BULLLLLSHIT. Bullshit. I'm also not at all saying that there aren't places in the USA where I feel unsafe walking around - there's plenty of those too. Not only that, but the people who linger in doorways here and say "Ciao, miraaa," as you walk by? Not exactly comfortable.

Also, technology difficulties are frustrating. I was trying to clean up my computer, and it deleted the hardware for my audio! So, now my computer has no sound. Trying to fix this, but have no idea how.

Also, this whole speaking-a-different-language thing is hard sometimes, ya know? That's a bit frustrating, but I'm trying to go with it, learn, etc. It's just rough sometimes when I come home and my family says things I don't quite understand. It's hot and cold - some days it just clicks and I can carry on conversations awhile, but then there are days like today, when I have to ask them to repeat themselves a million times. Oy.

When my computer is easier to work with, I will surely upload some photos from Iguazu and the waterfalls. They're un-fucking-real.

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