Wednesday, September 2, 2009


'yankees' pronounced with the Castellano (Castejahno) accent.

So, my internet is a piece of shit. Sorry for not constantly writing like I would at Knox when I live on a computer most nights doing homework.

And yeah, what about homework?

We have started our classes, and I don't know what to think. On the one side, they are ridiculously easy, and on the other, I often have to make sure to listen very closely in class to make sure I understand. There's hardly an "emphasis on class discussion" like at Knox. It's a trendy fashion design school, and I'm taking lit and cultural evolution classes there. Lawlz.

Oh, speaking of school, look what my summer job hath wrought:

I wrote the information for EVERY FUCKING CLUB AND ORGANIZATION at our college. That was my summer job. Good stuffffff. ELVIS WAS A TKE.

Hmmm.... so they give us two weeks to travel after our final exams end here (Oct 31).... I'm thinkin' Peru and Chile. Backpackin'! Wooooohoo!

now, some eye candy.

MAX AND VITO, the LOVES OF MY LIFE (when they're not being the loves of each other's lives)


in one of our first Spanish classes before real classes started, we learned how to make mate (MAH-tay), a traditional tea-like drink here

some Argentine poetry reading

Well, I have a lot lot LOT more photos, and wanted to make these bigger, but I can feel the internet starting to crap out on me already.

Tomorrow I have to:
-take my clothes to the lavadero (THEY wash your clothes for you... I don't even know of a place around here where it's an OPTION for you to wash your own clothes. well, have fun swimming in my funk, dude)
-BUY THE BOOK I HAVE TO READ FOR NEXT WEEK'S LIT CLASS (El reino de este mundo, por Carpentier, creo...) OY.
-Maybe get a bit more done in terms of Peru/Chile travel plans
-nap and try to make this nasty cold get the fuck out of my system.

I think I'm getting better at this whole study abroad thing. I mean, I still miss everyone like mad (especially both Sams in my life and Gabe and Abe) and thinking about everyone that just graduated and left (Maddie/Will) and ABBY AND KATHY.... gahhhhhhhh yuck.

...oh, right, I think I'm getting better at this whole study abroad thing. Sometimes you just have to learn how to leave things and realize the beauty of being able to travel. I keep forgetting that I'm also going to Spain and will get to travel on weekends and shit. EUROPE!

gonna go finish my tea and snooooooooooze.


  1. Hey sounds like youre having a great adventure. Foreign street traffic is kind of crazy aint it? Hang in there it'll all come together and before you know it you'll be thinking in Spanish. Nice pictures - try to take some out the window as your riding the colectivo around if you can. Have you been reading any Jorge Luis Borges?

  2. It IS crazy, the traffic. I achieved dreaming in Spanish once in high school/early college, but it hasn't happened here yet. Hopefully soon.

    also, who are you?

    and no, no Borges this year yet- we studied him at Knox last year though.

  3. It's me your Uncle Dan. I'm trying to keep up with your adventure.

    When are you going to be in Spain? - I want to come visit while youre there if its possible. I'd love to see the Alhambra!

  4. OHHH yes, okay, HELLO!

    Yes yes yes SPAIN. I will be there from December 1st-ish through mid-March. I love it here but I'm also excited for Europe.