Wednesday, September 16, 2009

thanks for the pepperoni.

Okay. I've officially decided to go back to Knox for winter term.
Some of my friends seemed almost mad at me for making this decision, but, oh well. 'tis what 'tis.

My awesome dad, however, DID offer for me to STILL go on the 2-week trip to Spain at the beginning of December. SWEEEEEEEEEEET.

That said, I'm a little more at ease now with the money situation in Argentina now since I don't have to worry about having a lesser exchange rate in Europe. Ay, Europe... some day. Part of me wants to do something with (website) after college for a few months before getting a "real" job. That or maybe WWOOFing in Spain or Italy. Ay ay ay.

I can FEEL my Spanish tongue getting better. I love it.

I REALLY very much hope that I can get off board back at Knox so I can cook again. I miss cooking and I miss the summer.

Oh! This weekend we are going to Puerto Madryn. Google that ASAP and get all good 'n' jealous. I get to scuba dive and see whales and penguins. YES.

The classes here are driving me insane. In my cultura class, the teacher seems like he just jumps from one thing to another while eventually just talking about how mate is such a big part of Buenos Aires culture. In my evolucion class, the teacher talks about the upper class in Buenos Aires in the 1890s-1920s (ish) and rambles too quickly to always understand and it's just THREE HOURS OF BORING. The literature class, I genuinely like, and the teacher seems to be really into what he does, which is always a nice incentive to give a shit.

Tonight I explored a new barrio by the name of Caballito. Well, not new, but new for me. It's where my friends Maja and Anni live and it was quite quaint and adorable and the houses were lovely lookin' from the outside.

I'm getting all kinds of excited for Peru and Bolivia in my future. We are also tentatively planning a camping trip for a weekend in October when it's a tad warmer. Sometimes, just gotta get outta this smelly, littered city. Ay ay ay.

besos y ciao for now, amigos.

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