Monday, September 21, 2009

bein' mice elf.

Life is great.

Here is my future:

1. Finish up my stay in Argentina, which will end on a sure-to-be-lovely Halloween
2. Go to Peru. Hike the Inca Trail for 4 days and spend the other 6 or 7 days exploring.
3. Go home a bit, Thanksgiving.
4. Go to Spain for a month on my own and work on a farm or eco-village. I found a few places on Workaway (website) that need volunteers, and since I already bought a plane ticket, why not? It costs me nothing- I give them work and they give me food and a place to stay. And of course, more Spanish practice!
5. Go back to Knox at the end of December.

Yeah. I like that a lot.


  1. Sounds like a good compromise. Plus you get to check Peru off your travel list. When in Spain try to see the Alhambra!

    Sorry you will be returning to Illinois at the end of December - just in time for one of those crazy Northern winters - makes me appreciate my adopted Southern heritage even more! : )

  2. hahaha. oh, the south... (but I do love it, too)
    I know, it´s ridiculous that I am CHOOSING to go back to -25 degree weather... must stock up on some hot chocolate/whiskey now, where it´s still legal for me to buy it.

    also, I look at those castle/Maui photos a lot. awesome.