Friday, October 2, 2009

artisan crafts and new opportunities.

I´m sorry I don´t update this more often.

I guess I should start this one by saying we´re all...well, more than shocked that we only have four weeks left here in Buenos Aires. It´s insane. I never realized how long you really have to live in a place to truly know it. Especially in a city this big... well, it ain´t easy, as David Bowie would say.

Also, shit just got real for all of us at school. Up until now, we´ve essentially had no assignments/exams/essays/presentations to do. For two months. Nothing. It´s been smooth sailing. But NOW? We have all of those things at once. And of course it´s even less clear what exactly is expected because, well, it´s all in Spanish. I´m sure we´re all going to come out doing decently well, but right now we´re all in a whirlwind. Buckling down & whatnot...

Also, I think it is being in Buenos Aires that has made me realize my true desire to do journalism for the rest of my life. I could go into that self-discovery for a long time... but really, it just feels so good to be in a different part of the world and still be able to write stories (even for a small college paper like TKS).

most of all- it felt SO GOOD to interview people during an abortion march and interview them IN SPANISH, then translate the quotes and write them into an article. I love it.

In addition to all that neat stuff, I got my Richter Grant for winter break 2010 (awhile from now) to go research/explore/live in/do some Gonzo reporting about communes, co-ops, ecovillages on the west coast. YES YES YES I cannot tell you how excited I am.

Being abroad and seeing what all of the friends I have made within our group have done with money from the school made me realize how broad my opportunities are, I guess. And so, I shall take advantage. For this coming month of December, I have a plane ticket to be in Spain for the month, and though I had the initial plan of working on a farm, I am now applying for an internship with either women´s rights groups in Barcelona or something related to journalism there. That, too, would be amazing.

Overall, life is swell. I might have to actually start studying somewhat intensely, but no matter. Next weekend we go to Calafate (big ass glaciers that we hike on). I cannot wait for Calafate and then Peru and then GALESBURG! Oh, and Uruguay somewhere in the middle of all that.

P.S. - the colectivo is still my favorite part.


  1. Sounds like youre having a great time and you have all kinds of fun stuff coming up! What was the abortion march you were interviewing people for? I just recently saw a very interesting film on abortion called Lake of Fire - check it our if you get a chance.

    Also I can imagine how excited you are about doing stuff on the West coast - where will you be? California? Oregon?

  2. Hi there!

    I will be working my way through Washington, Oregon, and California. Baaaasically it's my dream vacation, but I'll also be doing some Gonzo reporting project... which makes it even MORE of a dream and I love my school for giving me money to do it.

    Here is my abortion article:

    It was the Day to Decriminalize Abortion in Latin America. It's a march that's been happening for about 20 years now.