Tuesday, October 6, 2009

che, boluuuudo....

Allow me a moment to gush about the Argentine accent.

I don't get why there are some people on this program that don't like it. It's one of the most BEAUTIFUL, expressive, enthusiastic, sexy accents I have ever heard in my life (granted, it's also the first foreign one I've lived submerged in.. but still).

Of course, accents are hard to describe. Especially to those reading this who don't even speak Spanish. But ... I don't know. People seem to open their mouths more, have a friendlier way of talking, a more expressive way of being pissed off, have prettier slang. For example "Che, gorDIta," (pronounced "chayyyy, gor-dee-ta!") is so much better than "What up?" The roll of the tongue, the rising and falling noises of the throat... ah!

Some of my favorite Spanish words to hear with an Argentine accent:
-Por alla (por ash-AH)
-vos (y "con vos")
-Racing (name of the big futbol team here)
-que paso?

Even the way they say "No" in conversation is pretty. I don't know how that happens.

Hah, I was searching YouTube for something, anything, in an Argentine accent to show you... and I don't know who this ass is, but he has all these segments of himself doing different Latin American accents. HAH. He just yammers on for the first minute or so, and then he starts talking with the Argentine accent.


It's really interesting to compare accents from different Spanish-speaking countries because before learning Spanish I never would have given that a second thought. Sure, Chicagoans sounds different from people from Boston, but there's just something prettier about these comparisons. Oy.

And, of COURSE, the "shhhh." The shhhhh is the best, BEST part.
Okay, a lesson:
In Spanish, the word "rain" is "lluvia." In Spanish, you pronounce a double-l like you would say the letter "y," so you would pronounce it "yuvia."
HOWEVER. If you're an Argentine, you pronounce the double-l as "shhh." Well, really more like "jjjuuu," but it's harder to explain on the internet that way. "Shhhuvia." How is that not the prettiest thing in the world? You just purr every time you talk.

More videos you should watch/listen to:

I'm not totally sure what has happened here, but pay attention most to the guy sitting on the ground in the deep blue t-shirt, how is words have their own rhythm (girl's accent is great, too...but I don't think she's Argentine?):


You can look for more but I guess it's annoying, me putting these here for you when maybe you don't speak Spanish and maybe you don't care. But ay! Que linda.


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