Monday, October 12, 2009

hey, beave!

I just got back from Patagonia.
Part of me would love to live there. Or a place like that. Even though I've never been to Alaska, it made me think of something that would be similar to Alaska. I really want to go to Alaska as well.

But Patagonia. OH, Patagonia!

We hiked an enormous glacier for two hours and then hiked a mountain and then had a snowball fight in the Andes and then warmed ourselves up in a geodesic dome with Baileys and wine and hot chocolate.

How is life so amazing? I am doing so many things I never thought I would do. Seeing so many things I never thought I would see...

I think it mostly hit me on the glacier. You never think you'll be ON SOMETHING that you only marvel at when it's on Planet Earth. I was so in love with it.

Photos to come. I am tired now.

Also I got a hat that makes me look, as Alejandra says, like a beaver. That's my new name. Beaver. Oh, Alejandra.


  1. Well you can rest comfortably knowing you have earned a genuine nickname during your Argentine adventure. Hey speaking of Patagonia reminds me of Paul Theroux's book The Old Patagonian Express. You being the world traveling journalist might enjoy reading his travel tales. He usually finds some interesting things to do as he goes about the globe.

  2. Nice! I will write that down as an idea of something to read traveling to/from/through Spain